For Patients

First Visit Guide

Dr Neil Galletly - Best Gastroenterologist in Dubai

For Patients

First Visit Guide


There is complimentary valet parking outside HealthBay Day Surgery Centre.  Alternatively, there is paid on-street parking and parking in the basement of the J3 Mall (parking charges may apply). 

Your appointment time

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete the registration. Please call if you’ll be delayed. 

We recognize that your time is valuable, and the clinic makes every effort to run on time. Occasionally, patients require a little more time or there are emergencies that can cause scheduling delays beyond Dr Neil’s control. We apologize if we keep you waiting. 

On Arrival

On arrival, please come to the main reception desk on the ground floor and you will be directed to the clinic. 

What to bring

If this is your first visit with Dr Neil, please bring the following with you to the consultation: 

  • Emirates ID card or passport and your insurance details (for registration) 
  • Referral letter (if applicable) 
  • Any relevant test results from other clinics (for example old gastroscopy or colonoscopy reports, imaging reports, recent blood tests) 
  • A list of your current medication 
  • If you have previously seen Dr Neil at American Hospital, please bring copies of your American Hospital clinic notes if possible. (Call the American Hospital call centre on 043776999 to obtain these.  The process may take 3 working days) 

Patients also often find it helpful to write down a list of questions for the consultation 

What to expect

Once you have been registered, a nurse will check your vital signs and weight.    

Dr Neil will take time to obtain a full history from you so that he can understand your symptoms and how they are affecting your day-to-day life.  If your symptoms have been present for some time, it would be useful to know what tests you may have already had and which treatments you may have tried in the past.  He will also talk about your general health, any previous medical problems or operations, and which medicines you are currently or have recently been taking. It is useful to know if there are any digestive health problems that may run in your family.   

In most cases, Dr Neil will perform an examination of the abdomen, feeling gently for areas of tenderness or any lumps, and listening to the sound the bowels make.  Please let Dr Neil know if you would prefer not to have your abdomen examined. 

He will then review with you any lab work or imaging tests that have been done.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions and discuss your concerns.  

Depending on his evaluation, Dr Neil may order tests or prescribe medication. If tests are ordered, they may need approval from your insurance company first.  This may result in a delay of several days between seeing Dr Neil and having the tests.  

Often, a follow-up visit is scheduled to discuss any test results and to review progress.   

If you have been referred to see Dr Neil by another doctor a complete report of Dr Neil’s assessment will be sent to your referring doctor (unless you prefer otherwise). 

A new patient consultation will normally take 20-30 minutes and a follow-up consultation will normally take 15-20 minutes.  However, Dr Neil will try to give you as long as you need (within the constraints of other clinic bookings).